Curtain Call

I have a bone to pick. And there is a hellovalot of marrow inside so…watch out.

Look, I know the economy sucks. I know prices of things have gone up substantially in the last 10+ years. And furthermore, I know that changes in technology have gifted us with the wondrous ability to have more things at our beck and call than ever before in our small and insignificant lifetimes. I KNOW. I’ve been here, living it too.

I’m not unsympathetic. However, at some point we have to make a choice. Draw a line. We have to figure out what is important to us as individuals and as human beings, and we need to stick to that. I like technology as much as the next person, however I am seeing some very difficult things within its soft and welcoming folds.  As it envelops, it seems to also trap and keep in certain circumstances. It’s intoxicating and addicting. And THAT is where the danger lies.

The danger with technological advancement lies in the part where people would rather interact with each other over a video game system online than even playing video games together in the same house. The danger lies when people would rather text message each other complete conversations than have a vocal conversation. The danger lies in people preferring to stay at home and watch a film because the “other people” at the theater are really annoying, and at least at home it’s more comfortable, completely forgoing the entire way that a film was designed and created to be watched.

Theoretically, all of these things are fucking fascinating. They are creating an entirely new culture that is removing itself from each other and human interaction. Human robots, so to speak. The less contact we have with each other, the less effort we have to put forth into our relationships and the less energy we have to put into knowing other people. We expect less, we want less, we give less. Tragedy is, those of us who don’t buy into this? We also get less from the vast majority of folks on the planet these days, as well. But that doesn’t stop me from expecting more, as frustrated as I may be and frustrating as the whole thing is. I was not raised to have 1/2 relationships, nor was I trained academically to interact with people in such a way that was unbecoming to what my full potential could be. Now I fully recognize that in the last few years my behavior has been less than stellar, and I have been less than 100% of what I “could be” but that only gets you so far until you realize that its utter crap and makes you incredibly unhappy.

So then you change.

And you alter your behavior. Which I have done. Much to ny satisfaction.

I had a point to this entry. I wanted to gear it towards the discussion of why we should make it a point to attend theaters for our film-viewing, but perhaps I shall go into that more in-depth another time. For now, perhaps I have babbled enough. I have much more to say, but I have gotten to a point where I am perhaps a bit more frustrated than I should be in order to write coherently.

Thanks for listening…

2 thoughts on “Curtain Call

  1. Here’s a pretty big but. And I’m only playing devil’s advocate here. AND I still love going to the movies.

    But, other people who go to the movies seem to be getting increasingly rude.

    First time I watched Roger Rabbit was the first time I experienced it- this drunk guy was talking to the goddamn rabbit up on the screen! He smelled bad and would NOT shut up.

    I was only seventeen then, and it took another 14 years for another bad experience- a woman actually made a frickin’ phone call at the climax of Spiderman to tell her friend that there was fifteen minutes left. They started arguing, and then her baby woke up and began to cry.

    Since then, there’s been the pocket dongler, the girls night out, the corner pisser and many, many more, and now it’s all I can do in some theaters to not freak the fuck out on some asshole who needs to comment on every other line in the movie. I go to the more expensive theaters to prevent this stuff, but I can totally understand why some people would rather not deal with it.

    On the other stuff, though, I totally agree with you!

  2. sinaphile says:

    Agreed, but thing is….people are getting increasingly rude in EVERY AREA OF EVERYTHING. So film-going is not going to be excluded. Thus it shouldn’t have to suffer, either. Everthing that you have described has annoyed me in a restaurant and caused me NO END of strife. But the problem is that staying home & ordering in is not going to solve anything anymore than exclusively sticking to Netflix, and the only thing that you end up doing is depriving YOURSELF of the opportunity of possibly having an excellent meal, whether it is visually or gastronomically.

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