Name: Ariel Schudson.
Background: Film/TV/scholar and historian for 20 years, moving image/time-based archivist and preservationist for 10 years.

Bachelor’s Degree from UC Santa Cruz in Film, Television and Media Studies, 2001
Master of the Arts Degree in Film, Television and Digital Media from Cinema and Media Studies program at UCLA, 2005

After a few years of industry work and managing the media vault of a post-production facility, I decided to become a moving image archivist.
Master of the Arts Degree in Moving Image Archive Studies from UCLA, 2013 

I am a successful podcastress and have been running a podcast called Archivist’s Alley for a few years now. It focuses on the marginalized and underrepresented communities, voices and topics in the archiving, moving image and preservation landscape. 

I sold everything I owned and moved to South Korea in the winter of 2019 and have lived here since. 

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