Gone Fishin’

OK, so here’s the deal.

Um, I’m in grad school for film archiving/preservation/restoration, just got a great gig doing some fantastic journalism work over at CraveOnline, and am programming a film series at the New Beverly Cinema with the student group that I am the president of, the Association of Moving Image Archivists, Student Chapter, UCLA.

Suffice to say…I’m INSANE amounts of busy.

However, I have a weekly series that just went live today called the Myth of Macho that you should check out cuz it’s gonna be pretty awesome. I have great stuff in the works for that. I also have some interviews I’ve done over there that are pretty cool and am looking forward to more.


I’m sure I’ll get back here at some point. Just for now…That’ll be where I’m workin’ out that writin’ thang!

Hope to see you over there!